mallory jane

The End

My mother has a sister who sadly passed away at 25. One summer as I was helping my mom clean out my Grandma's house I found a box full of my late Aunt's school-work. Having never met her and eager to learn more I began reading through the papers. No one in my mom's family is particularly artistically inclined, so I was in awe to come accross beautiful collages and poetry she had created. One poem in particular stuck out and I felt compelled to create something in response. All of the images are scanned parts of my body, I did a french bind and hid the words from the poem on the inside.

The End

I hide again
Before the birds arise
I will not look out
to see
what truth there was
but will hide
like ground animals,
who are afraid
of dying
by mightier animals
than he

why does the
sun shine?
Darkness is real
to those who love
in a tomb

I once lived for the sun
But the sun was too bright
it hurt my eyes,
and my heart